Thursday, August 2, 2007

Is work worth it???

Last night I attended a reunion party where I learnt a ‘growing trend’ that’s making news all over the place; Sex at work! With increasing job avenues also increases the need for safety and protection of the working population. Studying further one finds many reasons for such a behavior like easy way to succeed and climb up the ladder, part of the job, financial instability, to get a breakthrough, weakening of the family structure, changing social and family scenario, compulsion, fun, and sometimes free will sadly. Also changing public attitudes towards sex and morality, growth of sex tourism, the entertainment industry, pornography in print, electronic and cyber media are some of the important factors which aggravate the growth of such disgraceful activities. The percentage of such filth is increasing and getting more serious in nature by every new day.

Forcing someone to get involved physically is not only unethical but also illegal harming that person physically, emotionally and psychologically. Sexual exploitation is undoubtedly one of the most reprehensible and heinous crimes perpetrated against humanity, but the pace at which world is today is it really so deadly? We cannot clap single handedly. Nowadays both men and women are willingly participating in such acts. Most women use their charms to get things easy at the work place thereby digging their own grave unknowingly. Because of a variety of reasons including non-reporting and secrecy there is no clear estimate about the magnitude of the problem yet. By all account in recent years the problem has only worsened.

Is this the kind of society we are looking forward at? Aren’t we here to make world a better and a safer place to live in where all are human-like and not animal –like? It’s highly disturbing and unnerving to learn the fact that despite of hours of hard work and years of our life spent in earning those pay checks we keep our lives and self respect at stake so easily! I always thought we work in groups to only make things easier and achieve more targets through collective sincere efforts. Sadly now gone are the days when working together meant good ‘money’ business! Nowadays it’s increasingly some ‘other’ business. Can we not shun our animal instincts and behave like human that we are, for once? If this is our present we can all imagine how terrifying will be our child’s future. Everyone is behind a mask of an animal that hungers for sex. Only exalting our spirits and getting in terms with the facts in life is going to save us truly. People who have undergone such a trauma in life should voice their experiences without any social stigma and we all should collectively empathize with the victim and get the sinner punished. By doing this not only will we share the pain of the victim but will also warn other wannabe sinners to mind their attitudes. Building self-confidence, motivation to be vocal and expressive, brave and daring and installing moral values like self-respect, truth, honesty etc. can act as great preventive measures and thereby assuring no willing participation in such a crime. Moreover people armed with strong family support and trust seems to indulge less in such shameful activities. Also educating the working population, the evils of such obnoxious behavior is imperative. It is extremely important that in our busy schedule we find sometime for ourselves and indulge into glorifying practices like yoga, meditation and so on to reduce our stress and excitement levels and help us gain control over our body and mind. Its high time now for us to be capable to gauge the sinister aura that haunts our surrounding, exerting a corrupt and baleful influence. Also parents and employers should take serious notice of this issue and suggest preventive measures to avoid the situation tactfully and with courage (ie.If they themselves aren’t involved in any such offence).

If the victims raise their voices, the sinners understand the ill effects of their shameful acts and if the society empathizes and rises to help one another rather than blowing things out of proportion can one hope a safer future for themselves as well as their children. “Prevention is better than cure” goes the popular adage, but how much of it is really practiced, is a question unanswered.

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