Thursday, August 2, 2007

Advertising - 'IT'

Is Advertising only related to 'product' life cycles?? do these products necessarily have to be targeted to the consumer markets??? No, I don't think so. Just a couple of years ago, I was full time into advertising brands like MTNL, Maruti Suzuki, SBI and so on and I enjoyed doing that thoroughly. But now, I am no more a "Brand Manager" in an advertising firm, no more work with an advertising agency....does this imply that I am not into advertising any more?? All my love for advertising, whatever little knowledge I had about it, is all waste??? No! No!!
I now manage an IT recruitment company. I market engineers rather than products. Make their career cycles rather than product life cycles....create a unique identity for them as I would for any product that comes across my desk. I make them capable of facing the interviews, expressing themselves and their skills at their very best and help them be more confident about themselves. I make them saleable to the employer who in this case happens to be my target audience. I too study the whole market scenario, do my research, SWOT analysis, formulate a marketing strategy and so on to present my product "an engineer" to the market and ensure its promised performance and productivity. It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction when my 'brand' is a HIT in the market and sells like hot-cakes. I somewhere feel... Yes! the advertiser within me is still alive...I can still sell, create a brand!
Am I wrong?? Am I just trying to make the little advertiser within me feel good, feel alive?? or is it that I have really not lost touch and just that my product and target audience has changed?

will appreciate your feedback.. :)


jiga said...

Advertising IT! kewl concept and very well explained.. I always have understood advertising as a creative field.

I can see from your post that you really enjoy your work and thats the most amazing thing!

Great work!

Anonymous said...

u have learned to be fluent and clear about what you want to say. That shows you are a good communicator.
Secondly, whatever game you play, you've to a sport.

"IT" or "Advtg." Only ideas matter.

wish you best. keep posting.

pooja said...

sweets ur article is brilliant n it so proves tht the advertiser in u is live n kicking. Someday we'll b able to live tht dream of have our own agency.... :) remember!