Monday, March 23, 2009

God's Hands!

An old lady who lived in the village who had never been in a car before was returning home from the market carrying a big heavy basket on her head, when a rich man riding his car passed by. Kindly, he offered to drive her to her home. She thanked him & got into the car with her basket.

On the way, the man glanced at the lady in the mirror, still holding her basket over her head. Astonished, he asked her to lay the basket down in the car & rest.
The old lady replied, "Oh, my son, your car is carrying me; this is enough,
I should not burden it carrying my basket too!" What an innocently funny response!

We sometimes do the same with God.
Everyday, God carries us during day and night still, we insist on carrying our heavy baskets of worries & fear of the future. We are carried by Almighty hands, watched over by sleepless eyes & God plans our future. Let us then relax & lay down everything in God's hands.

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