Thursday, October 18, 2007

Size matters!

I need help! Help in understanding what is it that 'actually' constitutes a personality? Is it the looks or the being...the person that you really are!?! Not many years ago I was a size S and people loved me and accpeted me the way I am! I had no problem what so ever in selecting clothes, making friends, feeling confident about myself etc. Was all that acceptance because I was size 'S'?? Today I am 'XL' look not really very different but yes there is a change...does this mean I am no longer lovable or acceptable? does this mean my personality which once you used to find charming isnt charming anymore? so what if I belong to the healthier side of the world ;) There is beauty in every 'fat' person on this earth!
I might no longer be the most attractive lady in the room but yes I have what it takes to differentiate myself from others and that is my heart and my confidence. Confidence does not emerge from a magic number on the scale or from the compliments of others. Confidence comes through you and you alone. No one can give it to you.
Therefore here I am confident wearing an "XL" t-shirt, feeling good and ready to take over the world!


Tanya said...

Very Well written...I guess many people can relate to this one...GUD thinking!!!

GopalB said...

No one thinks you are not attractive. Infact, you are the most confident person i have ever known...