Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Shopping Emotions!!

8.00 am in the morning a friend calls saying 'Columbus Day is nearing and there is a BIG sale going on everywhere. when are we going?' How tempting? ;) I am sure all the shopaholics are bracing themselves and rushing towards the nearest mall to check out the "Big Sale"....And joining the league is ME!
But wait! Do I really need something? The answer is "NO", nothing at all. There is absolutely nothing right now that I don't have or cant do without...you know why? coz the Labor Day weekend was just a few weeks before and I had done truck loads of shopping then,obviously for no reason again...Oh wait! yeah I had a reason...'SALE'....
Human nature is so funny or may I say its just us the Females...I really don't know why do we have such urges... We can shop for any and every reason and most of the times for no reason. However, I have observed that only after unloading the shopping truck at home do we realize how much of this stuff is NOT AT ALL required. If not that time, we realize when we are cleaning the room or as in my case only while MOVING ;)I have clothes I bought when I was size 6 and now I have become more than double that size and most of the size 6 clothes still remain untouched lying on my head with a label saying 'when-will-I-get-to-get-out-from-the-closet'... We never realize how much we end up spending with these sales coming up almost every month....I am forced to believe that more than 'shopping emotions' we indulge ourselves in 'emotion shopping'...when we are upset or mad at someone....we shop
when we just want to spend sometime with ourselves...we shop
when we want to spend time with our friends... we shop...
shopping seems to be the answer we have for every emotion...every occasion...

Hopefully we overcome this fever soon and start saving some green...especially this time around when we definitely aren't getting any bail-out money ands our taxes are only increasing!!

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