Friday, July 20, 2007


When love glows, it is Bliss
When love flows, it is Compassion
When love blows, it is Anger
When love ferments, it is Jealousy
When love is all no's, it is Hatred
When love acts, it is Perfection
When love knows, it is "ME"


Arvind Patel said...

Being in love is supposed to feel great. But sometimes it just feels confusing.

What can you do if you are being hurt, controlled or treated badly in a relationship?

falguk said...

If you get 'hurt' hurt and are controlled over badly....then its not love...coz love means giving, positivity, and negativities AT ALL...period.

angel from heaven said...

If you love someone truely then love should be unconditional, and there should be no expectations.

Kumar said...

magar agar kisi ko uska pyar na mile toh iska matlab narazgi toh nahin ho sakta naaaaaaa.matlab its not ki he will get times he may think ki shayad uske naseeb main woh hi likha tha and he may accept it.ya agar woh kisi se sacha pyar karta hoga toh he might think ki shayad aur koi uski girl friend ko jyada khush rakhegaaaaaaa..........