Thursday, July 19, 2007

Breaking the ice

19th july the day came when I decided to take out time for myself and finally create a blog. As a child I always was made to believe that penning our thoughts down on a piece of paper will help us become more detailed, articulate and will help us grow in life. I remember making a diary then, writing every night before going to bed what I did the whole day. New people, new experiences everything.......As and when I grew somehow lost link. Started believing that there is something that cannot be written or shared but only felt. I was so wrong.....So many years have now passed by and I have met so many new people, had so many amazinggggggg as well as bad experiences that have helped me grow in life....But coz I left writing it all down.....the power of sharing and now reliving those experiences has lowered down....but I am bucking up... :D
Hope to write regularly now.....without feeling insecured. All charged.... :D

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